SAP HANA development

Recently, a new opportunities were invented in the area of data processing acceleration. This is data processing in the operational memory.

Two of the most well-known solutions are:

Oracle Times Ten and SAP HANA

The second solution is especially interesting because it can work on the base of cloud technologies.

We have an expertise in SAP HANA One developing using cloud technology from Amazon Web Services.

We offer to use SAP HANA in performing complex calculations in addition to the primary database. These calculations can take up to several days at your production servers.

Our experience shows that using of SAP HANA provides a gain in computation time up to a hundred times. This means that your customers will receive the results in not more than 15 minutes instead of the day.

The cost of computing is very small. If you have any problems with the speed of calculations, or processing large amounts of data quickly and on a regular basis, then this decision may be suitable for you.

You can ask questions to our experts about possibility of applying solutions based on SAP HANA One in your case.