A problem of growth

During expanding of a company a problem of growth arises very often. Management can control the growing structure up to a certain size. As a result this either limits the development of the company or takes away all free time of directors.

If you see a first sign of such situation it is necessary to take immediate actions. This applies not only to the organization of work, but also to the software that is used for team-work.

We have an expertise in design and development of large software complexes.

The main task

The main task of them is to provide collaboration in different areas:

executive management

reporting and analysis

financial monitoring

costs optimization

time tracking

and so on ...

Our solutions allow:

  • to obtain the most recent and reliable data at all levels of the company;
  • to organize team-work processes for a large number of users;
  • to combine geographically dispersed offices into a single information space;
  • to reduce the cost of user training and the system support;
  • to optimize the process of development and introduction of software systems.

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