Ezwim B.V.

We have a considerable experience in Europe.
One of our biggest customers is a Dutch company Ezwim B.V., with which we have been working together for over 15 years.

Currently, for Ezwim we:

  • support the work of more than 100 thousand users
  • maintain 7 different software platforms
  • carry out regular additional works on these platforms

All platforms are built using the Oracle DBMS with Web-based interface. We also use the principles of cloud computing to execute one logical platform across multiple servers.

To work with European customers we have built an additional infrastructure. In the work we use a company and a server that are located within the European Union to comply with EU directives about non-disclosing of data.

We can be proud of:

  • High quality of our work is confirmed in Europe
  • In the process of support, we are meeting all the requirements of an SLA contract
  • 92% of the projects are made on time, 98.5% with a delay of no more than a week

We have worked for about ten years with ExtraCode as our main development partner now, and during that time we have experienced that ExtraCode is a flexible, yet solid development organization, that is as committed to our application as we are. ExtraCode has so far completed every stage of our project within budget.

Hein Remmen
Product Manager EZWIM B.V.
Amsterdam The Netherlands