Accounting systems

Accounting systems

A business can not exist without accounting. Official accounting does not count. It is necessary only for making reports for the government. Every company needs its own internal accounting system, which would allow to plan profits and costs.

There are systems of the upper class, for example, SAP ERP (R/3) or Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta, Navision). Unfortunately, these solutions are not affordable for the small and average companies. But what if keeping records in Excel or 1C is impossible, but for the big decisions do not have enough money?

Based on our platform, we have developed a standard accounting kernel that allows you to design and tune your accounting very fast. The solution is versatile and suitable for companies with any line of business.

Key features include:

  • binding of all system objects to the time
  • data storage, workflow and accounting
  • automatic generation of data entry interface
  • powerful security scheme
  • detailed operations logging
  • flexibility, adaptability, versioning
  • full-featured Web interface
  • easy installation and support

Various objects in the system tied to the internal logic time and live by its laws. All descriptions of the business logic, the data structure algorithms and financial accounting depend on the time. You can see the whole system life from birth to the present day and can interfere with its past, present and future.

As a result, your information system lives and grows with the company, providing any emerging requirements for accounting and control.

One example of a project based on this core was to automate the activities of leasing companies together with Kibit company. Specific scheme has been implemented with the management of planned and actual revenues and expenditures in many currencies. Was implemented plans analysis for different scenarios of changes in exchange rates.

You can learn more about this system at the Kibit company's website - SQ leasing - SQ leasing.